*Happy Release Day* His Fantasy Girl – by Nina Croft

His Fantasy GirlHis Fantasy Girl by Nina Croft
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Abby gets black out drunk on her 18th birthday and has one night of wild, naughty sex with some stud she meets in a bar. The next morning, his dad walks in on them and she bolts. She goes back to the bar to find the guy.. he’s in jail. The kicker – Abby’s pregnant. Logan had one hot as hell night with a random girl from the bar. Only she wasnt so random. She’s the only one he’s ever had feelings for and he doesn’t even catch her last name. After spending a year in lock up – 365 days to fantasize about the one that got away, he is released and takes over his father’s night clubs. Ten years and one near death experience later, Logan is determined to find his fantasy girl and decide once and for all if she could possibly be as good as he remembered.
I will say this.. Logan McCabe is OFF THE CHARTS HOT. I love a dirty talker as much as the next girl but throw in some tattoos, a motorcycle and riding leathers… oh yeah, im done. Nina Croft did a wonderful job with the characters in this story. From Logan and Abby (and Jenny) to bringing back Declan and Jess, they were all wonderfully developed. The plot and storyline flowed seamlessly and the editing was done just right. I received an ARC so the spacing was a little off but I know it will be corrected in the final draft, so it wasnt an issue. This book will definitely be on my recommend list as well as my re-read list. Its short enough to read in just a few hours and sexy enough to make those few hours very memorable :). I loved it! 5*****wickedgoodstars – asw

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