Playing for Keeps by JC Grant

Playing For KeepsPlaying For Keeps by J.C. Grant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Im not even sure where to start. I am a smart woman, an educated woman. I have a good job, a good family. But I read dirty books. I dont read books for the touchy, feely emotional factor or because they are on some kind of bestseller list or some celebrity endorsement. I like the smutty ones. I fell down the FSOG rabbit hole years ago (thank you EL James) and happily never looked back.
That being said – HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS, thank you so much for JC GRANT!!
WOW…. this book, people….
I was given an ARC of Playing for Keeps by Xpresso Book Tours – they are my go-to for reading/reviewing. I must say looking back im sure it was the cover that got my attention, because seriously, well.. look at the cover and you will understand why I requested it. The description of the book was nice too. Something about a professional baseball player, although in all honesty, the book had NOTHING to do with sports. Well, not organized sports anyway {devious laughter}.
Austin is a wanna-be actress, living in LA, working as a temp… not really doing anything. Just going to the grocery store one day. In walks sex-on-a-rope David Taylor. Hes a retired professional baseball player. Apparently she is clueless about this but he certainly attracts her attention, as she does his. He instantly approaches her and becomes quite the aggressor. Wanting to take her out, get to know her… like seriously, within 5 minutes.
I dont want to give away any spoilers but David is very aggressive without being mean, if that makes any sense at all. I will try to explain with the following examples:

Hes like:

Christian Grey – without the beatings
Gideon Cross – without the empire
James Cavendish – without the jealousy

He’s absolutely perfect. Hes a man who knows what he wants the instant he sees it and feels no need to beat around the bush {more laughter} and waste time with trivial matters.
Some of the reviews left for this book were negative, a lot of them actually. I hate to see that, but I understand. Its one of those – you either love it or hate it books. Me? Totally LOVED IT. Better than FSOG, CrossFire, and the MileHigh books. I had issues with all of those men. I had no issues with David Taylor. He’s my new BBF. {dreamy sighs}

I give Playing for Keeps by JC Grant 5*****wickedgoodstars and would give it a million more if I had them.

Thank you XPresso for this little piece of Heaven. đŸ˜‰

PS. Ignore the typos. There’s lots of them, but David makes up for them all, I promise.

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