Battlescars by Kathleen Mare’e

Battlescars (Cut #2)Battlescars by Kathleen Mareé
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I was invited to read an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

I normally like to write a review as soon as I finish a book while it is still fresh on my mind. Before I lose what I call my “wind”or forget any of the minor details of the story. I was completely unable to do that with Battlescars. This story sucked the wind right out of me.

Battlescars is the second installment of the Cut series by Kathleen Mare’e and it follows the story of Penelope Price, a young woman in Australia who (from book 1) was cheated on by her boyfriend Evan and is building a budding relationship with an American rockstar named Jay.

There are so many things I want to say about this book. I want to discuss it with people over drinks and snacks. I need to ask questions, get differing opinions about Evan, Amy, Draz. I have lingering thoughts about Rosie that I want to share with others who have also read this story…. But this is a book review, not a book club as my blog partner would say… so I digress.

What did I like? OH MY – where do I start?

This is quite hard to put into words but the easiest way I know how to say it is this book completely took me by surprise. It was similar to Cut but at the same time it was… meatier and grittier. The difference was Jay. In Cut, Penelope was very emotionally fragile and Jay was handling her with kid gloves so we really didnt get to see much of his personality. That all changed this go around! Battlescars Jay is 100% sexy, seductive American rockstar. WOOHOO!!
We also got to meet the members of his band, some I liked (Draz – can he please get his own book) and some I hated (you know who – he can just get hit by a bus). I have loved Jay since Cut. I have been utterly faithful and Team Jay from day one of Cut until the very end of Battlescars. Now… now I dont know. Im left wondering about Evan. Is he really as bad as I have made him out to be? Maybe I have misjudged him… The hallmark of a good author.. keep you guessing right up to the end. 😉

Kathleen Mare’e always develops the secondary characters as well as she does the primary characters. The storyline flowed along fast and smooth. Never was I tempted to skim parts of the story or skip ahead to the end. Kathleen Mare’e has incredible talent as a writer and she has really found her voice with this series. The editing was just perfect, no typos or misspellings that I noticed. The author is from Australia and Im in the US so the English is a bit different but colour/color has never bothered me and I certainly dont consider things like that a typo.

All in all, I give Battlescars 5***** wickedgoodstars and would give it a more if I had them! I loved this book even more than I did Cut (if thats possible) and am anxiously awaiting the third installment to be released in 2016!

Thank you Kathleen Mare’e for the opportunity to read/review this book!

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