*Review* Spanish Lessons by Jessica Peterson

Spanish Lessons (Study Abroad, #1)Spanish Lessons by Jessica Peterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a personal invitation from the author to review this book (which was a complete and unexpected honor for me) and to be totally honest I had no idea what to expect. I had never read anything by Jessica Peterson so I went online to scope her out.
First thing I noticed was WOW, she’s really pretty 😉 – and it appeared that maybe she only wrote historical romance. My tastes lean more toward contemporary but I was already committed and the blurb sounded good so I dove in.
…. And I am soooo glad I did.
Spanish Lessons is one beautiful story. Honestly I have not smiled that much reading a book in I dont remember how long, if ever. Even my husband commented on how much I must be enjoying it. From the very beginning of the story I was hooked right away as Vivian starts her journey to Spain to begin her semester of study. I loved every minute, every page. Im smiling as I write this review just remembering all the craziness she and her friends got themselves into because it all felt so very real. I guess it took me back to when I was in college. The author really took you inside Vivian’s head and in doing so, took me inside my own head – because Viv was nothing if not a typical college age girl with the same dreams and fears that we all have. Trying to balance life and love. And Rafa. Whoa. He is a dream come true. Just wait until you meet him. Knight in shining armor. That is all I can say about him, honestly or I will throw down spoilers and ruin the book for everyone. 🙂
Now for the technical stuff. Like I said earlier, Spanish Lessons was beautifully written. The plot was just perfect, the story line flowed at just the right pace – if real life didnt get in the way I could have read the entire book in one sitting. The characters were very complex and well developed. Everyone had their own distinct personality, even the crazy dog. Editing was super clean – no grammatical/spelling errors caught my eye.
I cant say enough good things about this book – honestly I cant. I was nothing short of a solid 5***** Wickedgoodstar book for me and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Thank you so much Jessica Peterson for the opportunity to read/review this wonderful book!

PS. I cannot WAIT for Maddie to get her story!

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