*Review* Debt by Rachel Dunning

book-cover-debt-rachel-dunning (1)

*I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Logan is known to most as the Debt Collector. He is a hard-core fighter – who makes money with his fists, all so his sister can live a better life than he has and can have an education. He grew up in the slums of London, with both of his parents killed before he turned 18 and his little sister being shipped off to a distant relative – he did the only thing he could to survive. Fight.
Kyla grew up in her own version of hell. What she wasnt lacking in money, she lacked in parental love and support. Her mother abandoned her as a baby, leaving nothing behind but one photograph with the words “im sorry” scribbled in French on the back. Her father raised her (if you can call it that), living in the same enormous house with his plastic wife and household staff. Kyla filled in the lack of parental love with a lot of shopping, partying and sex. During a break in college she and her crazy friend Vera go road tripping and wind up in a bar in Texas. This is where the story starts and she encounters Logan for the first time.
I was hooked on this book from the first few pages! Sometimes with a book it takes a few chapters to really get going and decide whether or not you are going to like the story and the characters. I had none of those feelings with Debt. Straight out of the gate, it was non-stop… I couldn’t put it down. I was reading at work, my daughter’s dance class, while the kids were in the tub.. you name it. It was great! The main characters Kyla and Logan were very well developed and had a depth to them that you certainly dont get in every book that you read. The story line was really complex and it flowed along at a nice pace. The editing was great, I didnt notice any errors – even for an ARC. I really have nothing but praise for Debt. It was an amazing read and I think anyone who likes sports stories, especially MMA or fighting books in particular, will LOVE it!

I give Debt by Rachel Dunning 5***** WickedGoodstars and will definitely be recommending it to my fellow readers!

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