*Review* The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone

The Millionaire Makeover (Bachelor Auction, #2)The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Millionaire Makeover centers around Niall and Khloe. Its a rather typical best friends-little sisters story, albeit a very good, very spicy one. Niall is from Ireland (insert sexy accent here), the child of wealthy parents who come to America where he befriends Michael. They grow up more as brothers than friends. Michael dies tragically leaving behind a little sister – Khloe – who Niall is honor bound to protect and find a suitable husband for. Apparently his definition of “protect” is a wee bit different than mine, but his is much, much naughtier so we are going with it. 😉
Im not sure how much the book was actually about Niall being made over as it was about Khloe being made over and I liked that a lot. Without giving up spoilers it seemed to me to be a sort of ugly duckling to beautiful swan with the help of an Irish handsome prince thrown in the mix type of story. In the beginning Khloe didnt have a lot of confidence in herself and it really showed in the way she dressed and carried herself. By the end, she had swagger. I can attribute a lot of that to Niall but a lot of it was all her. It made me feel good. Like I needed to get off the couch and hold my head up a little higher. Because ladies… someone out there is always noticing. And not in a creepy stalker way. But in a hey, she’s pretty hot way. 🙂
I give The Millionaire Makeover 4.5 **** WickedGoodStars and say thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book!

*ARC given in exchange for an honest review*

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