*Review* Solid Stone: Revolving Door by EG Patrick

Solid Stone: Revolving DoorSolid Stone: Revolving Door by E.G. Patrick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*I was invited to read this book by the author and given an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

When I received Solid Stone I knew it had already been published so I avoided reading any of the blurbs about it or looking up any of the info pertaining to the author so I could go into it with a completely open mind. Its not often I get to do that with a brand new author that I have never been acquainted with so that in itself was exciting. EG Patrick, from her emails, seemed like a complete sweetheart – letting me choose a date for my review (Valentine’s Day – since its a love story) and even sending me an autographed copy of the paperback version for the display case in my office!

The book starts with Violet Cole, a paralegal who meets the uber hot, ultra successful Adam Stone – literally in a revolving door. Her laptop bag gets stuck in the door and traps him in one side of it. Later she realizes that he is the big shot who she will be in several meetings with for the next few months as her work assigns. They are instantly attracted to each other and Adam wastes no time letting Violet know his intentions. Here is where I ran into an issue. I was a bit concerned that this book was taking too much of a FSOG turn. There were a few things at this point in the story that were very, very similar to FSOG. Almost fan-fic like. But, soon the issue was resolved and on we went.
The entire book is really very beautifully written. Even the cover is pretty. Ms. Patrick certainly knows how to develop three dimensional characters that suck you into their story. I loved Violet. She was so innocent but willing to give it all up for Adam. She was kind, loving and oh so trusting with her heart. I worried about her because for many chapters Adam just wasnt my favorite character ever. He seemed almost… cold and a bit guarded. Of course, I ended up just as in love with him as I was Violet. At the end of the story I realized that this is the first book in a series that will tell the story of these two so just be warned… This story is NOT OVER!

EG Patrick wrote a great book in Solid Stone. I give it 5 WickedGoodStars and will be recommending it to my fellow readers who love a hot, steamy story!

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