*Review* In The Middle of Somewhere/Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish

Since I read these two books back to back, I am just going to review them both in one post.  Both of these books are 5 star reads for me!! I absolutely loved these books and cannot wait for more from Roan Parrish -Amanda



Wow….Just wow

I loved everything about this book. Rex and Daniel?! Gahh

First, this book is about Daniel. A Philly born and raised college professor who moves to Michigan and Rex…his sexy lumberjack.

Daniel is all kinds of awkward, Rex is all kinds of hotness.

Daniel’s family, man, what assholes. Especially his brother’s. Especially his brother Colin. (Read book two) They were mean, hateful, bigots who did not support him. They did not include him. Because of these people, he appears to be very insecure with himself. Like, he is afraid to let someone love him because well, he’s not sure how it works.

But Gahhhhhh Rex….that man loves him hard and it was so freaking awesome reading their story. I finished this book on sunday, I think….and when I woke up Monday I one clicked book two in this series because it is Colin’s story and I absolutely had to know what was going on in his tortured soul.

I believe this is the first published book this author has put out and holy crap, color me impressed. I mean everything was spot on for me here. The writing, editing, character development…just everything.



My heart broke for Colin. I wanted to hate him, I really did. But reading this story, I couldn’t help but ache for him.

This book is about Colin….we lean in book one, that he is Gay. But he is so closeted you have to wonder if he is ever going to come out. Even when in a relationship with Rafe, he refuses to admit what they have. He’s so focused on living up to what he believes his father wants, that he is miserable. And it is in his misery that he almost ruins his baby brother. He is so mean, hateful that even his brothers take on the attitude that he displays towards Daniel.

It was nice to see his side of the story. Obviously, Daniel saw it one way, Colin saw it another, and I think we can say that for them, the way they see it is how it happened with them.

Colin meets Rafe, an ex con, ex addict who tries to help him…well, help him be true to himself. It takes a lot of love, but eventually Colin is able to admit to himself, his friends and his brothers that he is Gay.

I really enjoyed this story. It was written a little different than book one, but the tone is different because Daniel and Colin are not the same, what they go through in their journeys, their persona;toy….so different so the difference in the tone was fitting to Colin…

I cannot wait to see what’s next from Roan Parrish. Definitely a one clicker for me!


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