*Blog Tour/Review* Across the Hall by Kylie Walker


Date of Publication: February 24, 2016


Jude Falken has just been released from prison on good behavior.

He’s hot as hell, owns one of the largest fashion empires & has women coming and going day and night.

A delivery girl that shows up at his loft leaves him intrigued.

She’s gorgeous, shy & totally off limits.

She’s his best friends little sister.

Jude knows better, he swore he wouldn’t go there.


After returning from a year long internship in Paris, Jillian Warren is back in her hometown of Manhattan and steering clear of men.

Her new neighbor has her curious, wanting to know more. Her roommate & brother keeps telling her stay away but she can’t.

As their worlds collide, Jillian soon finds out there is a darker side to Jude and she will soon be fighting her own emotions and memories of the one man she left in Paris.

Her past will soon catch up with her. She will be forced to decide.

Big brother’s best friend or the hurtful memories of her past in Paris.

across the hall 3

My Review

3.75 WickedGoodStars

I toggle between liked and really liked with this book. It was definitely a quick and easy read.

The premise of the story was ok for me. I like the brother’s best friend stories but really-these two were good friends in college and stuff but I am not sure I would say they were “BFF’s”

Jude has recently been released from prison where he served a few years for the murder of his mom’s douchy boyfriend. He got out on good behavior and is under house arrest minus the ankle bracelet<—like that ever happens???

Jude happens to move across the hall from his old college buddy who also lives with his little sister, Jillian. Jude has never met Jillian as she has been in school in Paris. But when Jillian returns, and Jude see’s her for the first time, he can’t stay away. The chemistry between these two is definitely hot!

Oddly enough, even though these two had never met, they have more in common than meets the eye. I was definitely surprised at the twist that occurred with Jude’s mentor.

across the hall 2

About Kylie Walker

A true Canadian at heart, although I love to travel anywhere warm.

I am a book addict, coffee addict, a wine addict and a writer!

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