*Review* Cleat Chaser by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell

Cleat ChaserCleat Chaser by Celia Aaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally! A naughty sports book about BASEBALL! Dont get me wrong – I love all the Hockey, MMA, and Football stories that are floating around to be read these days. But you must admit there is a SEVERE shortage of good old baseball reads! And for a girl from the heartland of the US, this was just perfect for me. When I saw the title of the book that was being released I crossed my fingers and murmured.. “please let those be baseball not football cleats… please let those be baseball cleats…”
Celia and Sloane did not disappoint!
Cleat Chaser is the story of Kyrie a beautiful girl who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with baseball, much less a ball player. She is unwillingly dragged to a game by her friend Nikki when a fight breaks out (all good ball games have one) and she notices Easton. And man-oh-man… does he notice her too! He has to find someway to break through her wall of “im not interested”. Best way to do that? One charming sexy hunk coming your way!
This book had me laughing a lot! The banter between all the characters was extremely witty and very clever. And Kasey…. Good God, foul mouth Kasey. She was my favorite. Someone please tell me Kasey is getting her own book!! All of the characters were really well developed I would say, even if my favorite one wasnt one of the mains.
The sex scenes were off the chain hot – and there was definitely no shortage of them (THANK YOU FOR THIS). The storyline flowed very fast and was never draggy. No way could I have ever gotten bored with any part of this book.
I truly appreciate the opportunity to read/review this ARC that I was given and happily give Cleat Chaser 4.5**** WickedGoodStars! I will be recommending it to my fellow readers who love sports stories and HOT sexy times!

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