*Reviews* A Touch of Cinnamon Series by Petra March


Out of the blue one day I received a really nice email from the author of this series that went something like.. “hey, I saw you reviewed this one book on another site.  I thought you might be interested in these books I wrote”.  I was flattered because im a nobody in the literary world and jumped on the chance.  I had never heard of Petra March or read any of her works so I immediately go in search of something, anything that will give me a clue of what im getting into.

What pops up first are words like “award winner”,  “finalist”, “top 100″… WHOA.  My attention was had, to say the very least.

I didnt read the reviews because I wanted to go into the books with a clear head and form my own opinions.  I had a hunch they were going to be different from what was the normal read for me because from what little I had read I had decided that a) they were set in Europe and were probably about Europeans and Europe-type stuff, of which I know nothing.  Im an all-American girl, not necessarily by choice but ive never even been to Europe.  And b) they were probably more on the artsy, romantic type love side than the wham bam, kinky erotica type of love.  Hence the awards.  But its always good to get out of your comfort zone and I love to read and discover authors new to me so I was eager to get this series started.  Unfortunately my scheduled my packed and I had to wait a few weeks.  But it was certainly worth the wait.  🙂


The first book in the series, A Veil of Glass and Rain, opens with the main characters Brina and Eagan meeting for the first time as children.  Eagan is several years older than the very young Brina and she is outside playing in the rain.  I could tell from the first page (seriously) that this was going to be a beautifully written story.  The author really has a way of making the written English language look… pretty.  The first bit of the book introduces the characters as young children and to a certain extent their families, gives you a glimpse of their parents and lets you know how they are being raised.  It really sets a very good background of what causes their personalities to be as they are and their desperate need for a sense of family.

As the story progresses, Eagan and Brina age and with that they move around Europe, get educations, jobs and friends.  The reader is introduced to many different cities, countries and characters.  It mostly progresses forward, with the story being told primarily from Brina’s POV.  There are some flash backs, but those are clearly marked as to how many years in the past it was, where it was and the age of the characters and they are in no way confusing.

I loved A Veil of Glass and Rain.  It was very hard for me to read.  I know that sounds like a complete contradiction, but both statements are 100% true.  Many elements of this story are intimately personal to me and numerous times when reading it I was in tears (I hate crying when reading a book) and would have to put down my kindle and walk away.  The main characters Brina and Eagan were very well developed, as were several of the secondary characters (the twins and Neal).  The story had a steady flow to it.  It was not a fast story, it took me some time to read as it was quite emotional.  The grammar and editing was good.  Some of the wording was different for me but I think its because possibly the author is not American (she speaks proper English while I speak “American” – lol).

A Veil of Glass and Rain is beautiful.  Be ready for this emotional ride.  Its not a book you can start and stop with ease.  Once you get started, you will be invested.   A definite 5***** WickedGoodStars!


Going into All The Skies I Will Not See I knew what was going to happen so I was already on the verge of tears.  ARGH. I hate crying when I read.

All The Skies I Will Not See is the sequel to A Veil of Glass and Rain.  In my opinion it does not have to be read after book one but it would definitely help as David, the main character was introduced in book one.  This is David’s story.  He is Eagan’s best friend from Book 1 in the series.  ATSIWNS is a very short novella (I think I read it in under an hour) but it packed a whale of a punch.  Moving back and forth between past and present, you see David’s life broken up in snippets of time and realize very quickly not to take anything in life for granted.  Hug your loved ones a little tighter, kiss your cat, wave at the mailman, sniff the rain..  live life for every moment you have because you just never know.  And for Pete’s sake, dont judge people.  Secrets hurt.  They hurt the ones keeping them and the ones they are keeping them for.  David had a secret and it hurt him. I knew how this story was going to end yet I kept wanting it to end differently.  I wanted David to have the life he deserved.

This book was very different from A Veil of Glass and Rain but still beautiful none the less.  It was also about love and loss but not about finding the HEA.  It was about the ultimate loss.  I loved this book too.  It was brilliant.  It didnt need to be longer.  The author said all she needed to say in less than 100 pages.  5***** WickedGood(Heartbreaking)Stars for All The Skies I Will Not See.


Petra March, thank you so much for allowing me to read and review your amazing books.  They broke my heart in the best of ways.  I think you are brilliant and I am honored you shared your works with me.  – Amber




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