*Blog Tour and Review* Sweetest Sin by Sosie Frost

Sweetest SinSweetest Sin by Sosie Frost
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy Mother of all that is Hot and Sinful!
Sweetest Sin for me was the literary version of lemon meringue pie. You know you shouldnt. There’s enough fat and calories in that pie to derail everything youve worked all week for. But you want it. You want it bad. And not just a bite. You want the whole slice. The crust, the filling, the meringue. So you eat it. The whole slice. And its not just good … its baaaad.


Dramatic pie references aside, Sweetest Sin by Sosie Frost is, of course, the story of a Priest who falls for one of his flock. They play this odd “game” of let’s see how close we can get without actually going all the way, (which im pretty sure I excelled at in junior high, but anyway..) its supposed to be a testament to the strength of their faith. I dont really understand the point of this but it certainly leads to some wonderful sexual tension between the two of them. Father Rafe (or Daddy El as a couple of Honor’s friends call him) thinks that if he can be as close as possible to Honor, who he clearly loves, without giving in to his desires, then he has overcome his sins and proven his faith. YEAH.. like that has ever worked for anyone.
The story moves in waves from Honor living in poverty with a recovering addict mother, trying to balance her college classes and her volunteer work at the church to Father Rafe who is dealing with his own adopted “parent” who is dying and he feels this is the only person who could absolve him of the sins of his childhood.
The book is very well written. The characters are really strong and complex in their development. I loved the dual POVs. The only thing that kept this from being a solid 5 star read for me was the dialogue, both internal and external. I really got bogged down in it all. Perhaps it was just me but I could have done with a whole lot less. Other than that, I thought it was GREAT. I loved the characters, loved the story and especially loved the ending.
Thank you so much Sosie Frost for the opportunity to read and review this book!
4****WickedGoodStars for Sweetest Sin!

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