*Blog Tour and Review* Holding on Forever by Victoria Monroe

We are so excited for the Holding on Forever tour for the lovely Victoria Monroe!




When it comes to love, you can’t deny it no matter how hard you try. When love finds you, hold on and never let go.

Gage Scott let go of love a long time ago. After his parents divorced, he learned love only ends up hurting people. He vowed to himself he would never be hurt again because he would never love. He leaves everything and everyone he ever knew behind him and begins a new life built on rules against love. But when fate brings him back to the place and people he left thirteen years ago, he learns there are some things he can’t escape.

He spent many years running from love only to find it was with him all along. When he accepts the truth he denied for so long, he realizes he can’t ignore love. He discovers there is more pain in denying it. Once he embraces the true feelings he has for Laken Bennett, everything changes for Gage. Love finds him, and he is holding on forever.

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Holding on forever

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Coming down the stairs is the most mouthwatering, incredibly gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. Gage was good looking when I knew him as a teenager; but the man standing before me now is absolutely breathtaking. Gage is about half way down the staircase leading into the foyer when he looks at his mother, and stops, realizing she isn’t alone. His eyes turn to me and heat spreads over my whole body. His gaze slides up from the open toe heels on my feet and work their way up my bare legs, then to my hips, then up to my breasts, then finally to my face – where once his eyes meet mine – his look of total appreciation and enjoyment of the female body slowly dissolve into a realization.

A recognition.

Our gazes never shift from one another and all of a sudden the air in the foyer becomes thick. Judy cuts the silence by saying, “Gage, you rem-…”

“Laken,” he finishes her thought, almost breathlessly, with his eyes never leaving mine.

“…Yes – Laken,” she continues. “Laken was just leaving, she brought over your favorite dinner – Mrs. Bennett’s lasagna – that’s what you smell and I need to go check it. Laken, thank you again. I will see you Friday at the luncheon.”

I break my attention from Gage to Ms. Scott – who is already on her way to the kitchen – I call to her, “You’re welcome.” The voice leaving my body doesn’t sound like mine – it’s too soft, too breathy and too sexy. I slowly turn my attention back to the movement on the stair case. Taking in the bare feet slowly sauntering down the stairs in my direction, my eyes travel up distressed, washed out denim clad legs. The unbelted waistband of the jeans hangs low on his waist and meets a tight gray t-shirt, drawing attention to chiseled abs and an athletically defined muscular chest. Rippled arms lead to broad shoulders and a thick neck. I notice slightly long ebony hair, still damp from a shower. His square, sculpted jaw is shadowed with a couple of days’ worth of unshaved growth and frames the most delicious set of lips I’ve seen on a man. As he reaches where I’m standing – my eyes find his again. His irises are an intense blue. The boy I knew melted away into this sinfully gorgeous creature standing before me.

My name on his lips still hangs thick in the air and chokes me.


Ive recently wandered back into the area of reading a paperback book here and there. Not for any particular reason, it just happened. I commandeered a copy of this one and the first thing that blew my mind was it was sent straight from the author and it was a SIGNED. COPY. Ummm… what?
Maybe this lady author thinks im really important? I was going to email the blog tour people and be like… do I need to send this obviously misrouted copy back to where it belongs? But, pfft. Whatever. It showed up at my house, stuffed in my mailbox. Like my dog. Its mine. Im keeping it. (Arms crossed). Plus, its beautiful. BEA-U-TI-FUL. Now, on with the review.

The characters – Laken. When she was a kid, a nerdy kid, she was in love with a boy named Gage Scott. Her brother Ashe (love this name) and Gage’s brother Ryan picked on her because she was younger, nerdy, wore braces with headgear – just all the typical, horrible middle school stuff. They weren’t necessarily MEAN to her, but they made sure she knew she was properly beneath them. But… not Gage. He never treated her like the other two boys. He was a few years older than she was (3, I believe) and he was nice to her, made her feel special. When he graduated from high school – he left her with a hug, a kiss to the forehead and a broken heart. She knew he would never return.
Gage – Growing up his father was all business. ALL BUSINESS. To the point that his mother divorced him over it. So the minute the ink was dry on the diploma Gage left town to make his own way in the world and vowed never to return home. He loved his family but he was NOT coming back to drown in his father’s company like his brother Ryan. Now, years later, he is a self made man. But he will never be able to forget the broken hearted little girl he left standing in the rain?

What bothered me about them? At times, I wanted to shake Laken and shake her HARD. She angered me. Good grief, girl. Ask some questions, would you? Dont just assume! UGH. But I understand, you’ve got to have a little angst. And Gage, could you stop with the clueless man act, please. Just stop. If you’ve ever been around a woman and you are over the age of 20, you KNOW what is wrong with her. *eyeroll to clueless men everywhere*

Story – I appreciate the fact that this book, unlike some, actually started at the beginning – with the childhood – instead of being told in “flashbacks”. It gave me a solid background in my mind as to how these characters were going to feel about each other later in the book. The flow of the story was not too fast, but it was steady. I was not compelled to skip around or skim pages. The heat level – oh my. It wasnt tie-me-down-and-beat-me but it was certainly sexy! Dont let the sweet, innocent “walk in the woods” cover fool you. There’s a WHOLE LOT going on in those pages. RAWR!

This book – this is ONE. GOOD. BOOK. Everything about it was just right. I loved it! Victoria Monroe knocked it over the fence with this one!

5***** WickedGoodStars for Holding On Forever

Thank you Victoria Monroe for sending me this beautiful book! ❤
Thank you Book Buddy Author Services for having me on the tour 🙂

author bio

Victoria Monroe was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor of arts degree in English literature. She and her husband relocated a few times within the state. She favors the Pittsburgh region, where she had her son and daughter. After a ten-year career in corporate retail, she resigned, allowing her the ability to raise her children and write. Victoria loves spending time with her family. She loves music, reading and being outdoors – from the mountains to the beach and everything in between. Watching the sunrise and sunset are some of her favorite things to do. She always looks for a reason to laugh.

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