*Release Blast and Review* The Bad Boy’s Guarantee by Sara Daniel



If she trusts him, she could have it all…or lose everything.

Out April 26th – The Bad Boy’s Guarantee (The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow #3) by Sara Daniel

Title: The Bad Boy’s Guarantee
Author: Sara Daniel
Series: The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 26, 2016

Blurb: Between working her day job in the city and tending her father’s small-town bar every weekend, Haley Miller can’t remember the last time she had a date. When she trips over a stack of her dad’s unpaid bills and into the man of her dreams, she knows the night is guaranteed to be the best of her life…or the worst.

Seth Gardner returns to Regret Hollow to save his family’s business from their landlord’s financial mismanagement. The chance to finally act on his crush on Haley is a bonus he’s not about to turn down. But if he waits too long to confess his secrets, he’ll lose her trust and his chance.

Just when Haley thinks she can have the love and the life she always dreamed of, she discovers everything was built on a lie. Seth will lose her unless he can guarantee a lasting love built from nothing more than their fantasies.

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The third book in this series and my favorite one BY FAR!  Ohhhhh Seth!  You are about as perfect as a book boyfriend can get, my dear.  😉

The actual premise of the story is that Haley grew up in Regret Hollow, Seth went to school there his Senior year.  They know each other from school, just not closely.  Seth comes back home to help out his aunt and uncle with some legal issues (hes an attorney) that just happen to also involve Haley’s dad.  Haley tends her dad’s bar on the weekend where Seth finds her when he rolls up into town.  And….action!

What I like most about all the books in this series has been the fact that they are novellas.  They get right to the heart of the story, with little to no fluff surrounding the plot.  Bad Boy’s Guarantee was no different from the other two in that way.  However, there was one thing I noticed right away that was different about this book.  It was SO. MUCH. SEXIER.  Good grief.  This one blew me away.  Im pretty sure (although I have absolutely no statistics to back me up) that at least 85% of the book was one giant lovely sex scene.  It was epic and incredible and I loved it mucho.  It was all… hey, remember me from school… yep now im in your panties.  WEEEEE!  And somehow, someway.. Sara Daniel made it not sleazy.  Its a short, very well written, sexy AF novella that I honestly wouldnt have trouble recommending to anyone (over the age of 18, of course).

This one is going on the 5***** WickedGoodStar shelf for sure!  And Seth has earned himself a place on the BBF Wall of Fame!  Can the last book in the series even dare to compare?  We shall see…..  😉

*ARC given in exchange for an honest review*

“Are your plans so urgent that you can’t make out with me right now?”

Nothing in his life couldn’t wait until after he’d kissed her. “No.”

“Good. Then I don’t want to know about them.” She dived at his mouth, thrusting her tongue inside.

As much as he enjoyed her bold moves, he couldn’t let her think he didn’t have anything to match them. He met her stroke for stroke, exploring her sweetness, demanding more.

She rubbed her thigh over his leg, and he glided his hand up her silky, smooth skin under her skirt until his fingers reached the delectable curve of her ass. She really had come prepared to carry out her fantasy. She moaned something incoherent, and he inched his fingers higher, the heat from her core drawing him closer.

“Do you always go commando under your sexy skirts?” He needed to explore her heat and sweetness more than he needed his next breath. The good guy inside warned him to stop touching her until they’d settled everything between their families’ businesses, but after discovering the freedom of reinventing himself, he couldn’t stop.

She pulled away, pushing against his chest until their bodies broke contact and he had no choice but to release his hold on her. “I need to do something. I’ll be right back.”

Disappointment threatened to choke him, as she chose the right, responsible option. He’d been foolish to hope a staid attorney who wore a freaking business suit to a basement drinking party would be enough for her. Of course he didn’t fit in with her crowd.

He’d never been a bad boy and didn’t know her well enough to guarantee her the satisfaction she demanded.

For more information on The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow – visit Sara Daniel’s webpage.

About Sara Daniel:

Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to steamy and everything in between. She grew up in a small town and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels. She has no regrets about turning her back on her accounting degree to write romance, but she deeply regrets her inability to keep track of her car keys.

Find out more about Sara: Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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