**Review** Desire After Dark by Marie Force



Tobias “Slim” Jackson has the perfect life as a pilot on Gansett Island in the summer and in Florida in the winter. He’s happiest when he’s in the air, or at least that was the case before last summer when he met Erin Barton, Gansett Island’s newest lighthouse keeper. Now he can’t seem to find his usual enthusiasm for flying, winter in the sunny South or anything that doesn’t include her.

Erin has been stuck on pause since she lost her twin brother. She’ll tell you herself that her life has been a hot mess since Toby died. After dropping out of law school, she’s flitted from one pointless job to another, existing rather than truly living. Then she comes to Gansett Island to take over as the new lighthouse keeper and meets Slim, who happens to share her beloved brother’s first name. That small coincidence is enough to convince Erin that she needs to spend more time with the dashing pilot—except for the fact that he’s spending the winter more than a thousand miles from her.

Now Slim’s come home to Gansett for the holidays and to hopefully pick up where he left off with Erin. He’s got twelve days before he’s due back in Florida to finish out the remainder of his winter obligations. A lot can happen in twelve days, but will it be enough to convince Erin that it’s time to start truly living again? Read Slim and Erin’s story and catch up with the rest of the Gansett Island cast in Desire After Dark!



I often hesitate to read books in a series…if I have not read any of the prior ones. This author is new to me in every since of the word, in that I have not read any of her books. I was definately hesitant in starting this book after learning this was book 15 in a series. That’s a daunting statement, huh? There were 14 books before this? WoW. So I was a little worried I would not be able to enjoy this book, simply because I knew that there would be characters in this book whose stories were told before, yet I would know nothing about.

So, I tried to set that aside. In doing so, I was pleasantly surprised at what an enjoyable, easy read this story was. I enjoyed Slim and Erin. Could there be two sweeter, more lovable characters out there?  I would LOVE to say I will have the opportunity to go back and read the previous installments, but I am not sure that is a feasable statement for me to make. But, I will say this, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this crew on Gansett Island?




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