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One woman. Two men. They are roommates… and they want to fuck her.

She’s just been dumped, so of course doing something spontaneous is first on the list.

What’s more spontaneous than a threesome with the neighbors that crave her?

That’s right. Nothing.

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“Not going to lie to you,” Robb smirks, “we were talking about how much we would love to fuck you.”

I nearly choke on my swig of ale, staring at him wildly. Did he really just say that to me, right to my face?

George chuckles next to me and I look at him. He shrugs. “It’s true.”

Robb turns the grill off and then walks towards me. Picking my bottle up, he hands it to me and says, “Drink. You might need it.”

I accept it, watching him through the corner of my eye.

“Don’t you want us, Paulina?” he murmurs, stepping up behind me. His breath runs warm across my ear, and my pussy clenches. I can feel his cock grazing the curve of my ass. It’s not too close, but I can feel it growing bigger in size.

I peek up at George. His eyes are hot now as he pauses on taking his next sip.

“Answer me, baby girl.” Robb is glued to me now. I drink the rest of my ale, and then place it on the table, walking away from him.

I turn for the balcony door. “Maybe. But I won’t do anything with you guys out here for all to see.”

Ok, im not going to lie.  My ‘book review emotions’ were ALL over the place as I was reading The Neighbors.  When I signed up, just reading the blurbs and seeing the cover I was super excited.  It looked and sounded so decadently naughty.  I jumped in with both feet and within just the first few pages had already thrown on the brakes.
I mean, dont get me wrong – I enjoy reading lady porn as much as the next chick but this just wasnt my cup of tea.  Paulina had just gotten dumped by her boyfriend, literally like 30 minutes before running into her hotter-than-the-sun neighbors George and Robb.  A few creepy stares and sexual innuendos later and the three of them are getting naked at a cookout.  The threesome aspect didnt bother me in the least, ive read a million of these scenarios before and they are some of my favorites – it was the way they talked to each other.  As my nephew would say.. like ghetto hood rats.   The ‘dirty talk’ at times seemed very forced and contrived especially for the first 50-60% of the book.  I was even tempted to DNF and I rarely ever do that.  Almost never but I just couldnt get past the uncomfortableness I had with the book in general.
Then.. at about 60%ish… something happened.  I still am not sure what.  Everything in the book seemed to slowly turn.  If youve ever watched a sailboat turn that is exactly what it felt like for me.  The details softened, for lack of a better word.  The way the characters spoke to each other, handled each other… just everything really – softened.  It became more of a love story than just a f*ck story.  By the conclusion, I was sad to see it end.  I was also almost 100% convinced that I was dealing with two different authors, one for the  first 1/2 of the book and another for the second.
I have no clue as to how to rate this book ‘star wise’.  I cant even rate the first 50-60% of it other than to say the editing and grammar was clean, possibly a 2**.  But the second half of the book was good.  Really, really good.  I give it 4****  just on its own. All together it comes to a 3*** WickedGoodStar read for me.

I appreciate the opportunity to read/review this book!



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Saige writes really kinky erotica. Her stories ALWAYS have hot, dominant men included in plots that would probably never happen in real life. When she isn’t writing, she’s either reading or baking.


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