**Release Blitz & Review**Dark Edges by Kane Caldwell


Title: Dark Edges
Series: The Edges Series 
Author: Kane Caldwell
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Release Date: May 27, 2016

I’m not your good ole boy or boy-next-door type of guy.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you move on. I curse a lot, work too fucking much, and keep to myself. My edges are hard, rough, and even dark at times.

I never thought I would wind up in the business I’m in. I may not always play by the rules, but I go where the money is, keep my nose clean, and my affairs organized.

Who knew one fucking e-mail would change everything in my controlled life. I swore I’d never touch a case like hers again, but there was something intriguing behind every word I read.

She had my attention, she would have my services, but I never thought she’d steal my heart.

My name is Chase Black, owner of Dark Edges PI.

I’m your good girl and I once had everything.

A big beautiful house with a view of gorgeous mountains, an expensive car, stress-free job, a wardrobe any woman would die for, but one thing was missing… the ever-absent husband.

I never expected to be in the position I’m in, but I needed answers.

I sent one e-mail thinking I would figure it all out. It wasn’t the route I intended to take. The life I’d been living was a lie and he gave me the answers I needed. What happened next I wasn’t prepared for.

He had my information, he took the case, but I never thought he’d capture my heart.

My name is Naomi McAllister, owner of a broken heart.

This is our story…

My Review

So when I saw this book being promoted, I thought I would give it a chance. I am always looking for new authors to read so i was excited when I saw the opportunity to sign up for a review copy.

Basically, I knew what I was expecting when the book was described as erotica. I also knew, based on the synopsis that I was most likely either going to love or hate Chase. I was expecting rough around the edges…I only kind of liked Chase, if I am being honest. Myself, I don’t like my guys to sleep around before the get with the girl. It stresses me out, plain and simple. And Chase, well, that’s what he did. Ya ya, I get it, I know, they were not in a relationship, etc…but still, I don’t like it. So, strike one against Chase. And really, that…well, and the dirty talk. Again….I love it, I do…however, I think that one can use the word “cunt” too much. And Chase Black loved that word…..a lot.

Then we have Naomi, or “No” (not a fan of the nickname because I kept reading it like NO)….I ride the fence with her too…She’s not my favorite heroine but she’s also not my least favorite I have ever read. She was just okay for me….I can’t really pinpoint what it was, but at times I felt she might be a tad crazy? or she was just sheltered? emotionally beat down? I am not sure…

Overall, I liked the premise of this story. Aside from what I have previously mentioned, I liked the character’s okay. I did not, however, like the ending….but I am assuming we will be getting a book 2?

Over all, 3.75 stars for this debut novel by Kane Caldwell 🙂

I’m Kane Caldwell, an aspiring contemporary erotica Author. Writing had started years ago as a hobby but quickly turned into a passion. I am the epitome of a country boy with my jeans, t-shirt, hat, scruffy face, and work boots on, driving my truck. I’m in my mid-forties, but my mind tells me different. I live in the south where the weather is warm but most times sweltering hot. I have two teenage boys that I’m very proud to call my sons. I may be a simple guy but I do have a few jagged edges. When I have down time, I love to be surrounded by family, friends, great food or engrossed in a good book. Like I said…simple guy with simple pleasures.

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