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Jersey Girl

Sticks & Hearts Series (Book #1)

Rhonda James

Contemporary Sports Romance


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Brantley Cage is a standout D-man on Great Lakes University hockey team. Now that his dream of signing with the Detroit Red Wings has come true, his goals for senior year are simple: Work hard. Score big. Stay away from love.

And then he meets her. There’s just one problem. She’s the sister of his best friend, and he’s been warned that she’s off-limits…

Cassie Rivers is a musician desperately in need of a do-over. Leaving the past behind, she transfers to GLU in search of something, or someone, that inspires her.

And then she meets him. Her brother’s best friend and teammate. But according to the Bro Code he’s supposed to be off limits…

You’ve heard what they say about forbidden fruit… One taste is more addictive than one of them is ready to admit. Will he keep skating away from love? Or has this player finally found his Jersey Girl?


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See what other reviewers are saying about Jersey Girl

This was hands down a BEST BOOK OF 2016 for me! It was a total 5 star read that I will recommend to anyone who loves a great “friends to lovers”, “older brother’s best friend” or “sports” romance. – J. Hodges

I loved how the author incorporated hockey and music together.. how she gave us a play by play of the games or the music process and how impeccable she was with both subjects.. and that ending I was just seriously blown away! – Logan Hr

This is a book that is so good you have to keep going, and you will find yourself completely consumed with Brantley. OH he’s so dreamy and swoon worthy. B stole my heart and I am asking him to never return it. ~ Nikki for Saints and Sinners Book Blog

I’m a huge fan of Rhonda James, that’s no secret at all. She gives everything into each of her books and you can feel it come out of her characters and stories. I love each and everyone of her books, but I will say that this book is my absolute favorite of hers to date!! – Alpha Book Club


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My Review

I’m not going to lie. I get blinded by anything involving Hockey players. Call them my kryptonite if you will. So when I saw this book, thought, why not.

And overall, I enjoyed this book. HOWEVER, if I had to read about that stupid ass “code” one more time I was going to scream. Get over it already, you are both adults, who cares what your brother think’s he does not run your life! There, I said my peace.

Otherwise, I loved Brantley Cage although often times I wanted to smack the hell out of him for letting some twit he dated for a hot minute apparently wreck him to the point that he “can never love again” boo hoo, pull up your big boy pants and move on because after it was finally revealed what had happened I was like, that’s it? That’s why you think you can’t love someone? Get over it!

Cassie…at times I did find her immature, I mean, she is just 19. She’s been with one man and she’s had a rough go at that relationship. She has some attachment issues, for sure. At times, I felt she was somewhat…..childish? She cried a lot it seems…..Scotty should have been a better brother to her, and I felt he kinda came in at the last minute like oh hey, I’ve been a douche I should pay attention more….

These two, they have a relationship without calling it a relationship. Hell, everyone knows it and everyone see’s it but apparently Scotty. Then, the way he treats them when he finds out? What an ass. UGH!!!! This stupid code again!

But in the end, Brantley gets over it, realizes he should trust what he feels and not let his past define him and BOOM for me, the best part, that ending.

Also, side note, Kick ASS playlist by Rhonda James that I now follow on Spotify !!

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About Rhonda James


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Rhonda James is a romance author who loves a good HEA, believes nice guys don’t finish last, and strives to create a book boyfriend for all her readers.

Rhonda is married and lives in Michigan with her family. In her spare time you can find her talking to readers, cooking new creations in her kitchen, or just spending time with her family.

Some of her guilty pleasures are mastering such things as diving into a good book, wasting time on Facebook, and indulging in dark chocolate, though she may do one more than the other.

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