*Review* Pure Fantasy by M. Eror

Pure Fantasy (#1)Pure Fantasy by M. Eror

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pure Fantasy is (I believe) the debut novel for M. Eror and therefore, the first book I have read by this author – really even the first time I have even heard of this author.
Characters and Story – Lana is a shoe store owner and an independent woman. She has decided that she doesnt need a man in her life to complicate things and she is moving onward and upward.
David – walks into Lana’s store and upsets her apple cart, so to speak. He is everything she never knew she wanted. Brave and persistent, the two of them finally give in to their overwhelming attraction to each other. And the sparks instantly fly!
This was a very good story, the premise behind it was solid. The characters were relatable and developed and the story had a good feel and flow to it. Some of the wording was a little hard for me to understand though. The author had contacted me prior to the read/review and explained that English was not their primary language which leads me to wonder if maybe this book has been translated and some of the wording had been lost in the translating? IDK. It wasnt as if this had much of an effect on the story, because it really didnt. The love story was clearly there and easy to see. Lana and David falling in love would be the same in any language, not just English.
I think Pure Fantasy was a wonderful debut novel for M. Eror who has real talent and I give it 4**** WickedGood Stars!

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