*Review* Unraveling Josh by Edie Danford

Unraveling JoshUnraveling Josh by Edie Danford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Im fairly tight with the 5 stars. I mean, a book has to fit in one of the 3 following categories in order for me to deem it 5 star worthy:
1. be bloody perfect
2. be written by my sister 😉 – (easy people, she can barely write a check)
3. tug at my locked down emotions in just a certain way as to leave me ‘book gooey’ when im finished with it
Unraveling Josh hits in the number 3 category. I was mentally exhausted in the best of ways when I finally reached 100% of this story.

Characters/Story – Josh is an athlete (of the skier variety – which is unusual in the romance genre so kudos to the author for this)-and an openly gay man. He has had numerous injuries and decides to go back to college and do some graduate level work. There he runs into Nick. Their paths have crossed a couple of times before. Once as young teens and once as a one-night-stand. Josh is very smart, sweet and honest. He is looking for his HEA in life. I loved him instantly.
Nick… well, bless his heart. Nick is a player, he has secrets in his past that haunt him and keep him from letting people in. He really wants Josh and the feeling is mutual but will that be enough to overcome the demons of the past?
Mechanics – the story started off just a bit slow for me but once I got the characters straight in my head, I was hooked completely and off like a rocket. The 2 main characters Josh and Nick, were very well developed and carried throughout the book. Some of the secondary characters I could have done without ALL their details but I think they are being set up for the sequels so I see where that will play a role later on. Everything flowed very well all the way up until the end. Very easy to read and get lost in the story.
There wasnt anything I didnt enjoy about this book. It was very… realistic, for lack of a better term. I have read a lot of M/M books – especially lately. Some excellent, some not so much. This one really stands out to me because the characters behaved much more as people in real life would act. Awkward, unsure, stumbling over their words, jealous at times. The emotions were more real. Edie Danford nailed it.

I give Unraveling Josh 5***** WickedGoodStars and will be definitely be recommending it to anyone who is a fan of M/M romance! If you’ve never read one – this is a wonderful book to start with.

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