*Review* Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen




Griff Shipley stole this farm girl’s heart!

4**** WickedGoodStars for Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

Characters – Griff Shipley is a former college football playing love machine who had a couple of hotter than hot hook ups with a sexy blonde he cant seem to forget. Fast forward a few years into the future, his father has passed away and Griff, being the oldest child, is now in charge of the family farm – dairy cows and cider apples. Hes trying to keep everything running smoothly for his mother and his siblings.

Audrey Kidder is pretty much a failure at life. Shes failed out of a couple of colleges before finally making it through culinary school, her mother thinks shes a loser – and now unless she can convince some country bumpkins to sell her some produce on the cheap she is going to lose her job. First bumpkin on the list… Shipley Farms. Funny how the name Shipley rings a bell from one of those colleges she attended. A couple of steamy go arounds with an athlete named Griffin Shipley, eh?

I loved Griffin, but what’s not to love. He was the ideal farm boy. Tall, rugged, gorgeous, loving, would do anything for his family. He was about as perfect as they come.
I liked Audrey to a certain extent. I felt a whole lot sorry for her. She was just this side of nutty but a very sweet little character. She was a great match for Griff, though. They were really good together.

Story/Summary – Bittersweet was a smooth, sweet… very romantic read. Light on the angst, heavy on the sexy. I was born and raised on a farm. I loved all the ‘farm talk’. Of course, the pig butchering scene was one of my favorites. *giggles*. I actually learned a lot about apples and cider in the process, too. I will certainly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about large, burly, bearded farmers who dont mind getting dirty in the name of love!



Amazon http://geni.us/bsamz


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