*Review* Raw Redemption by Tessa Bailey

Raw Redemption (Crossing the Line, #4)Raw Redemption by Tessa Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ohhhh Henrik!

Im going to be straight up honest with you from the get-go. Crossing the Line has not been my favorite series to read. (I love you, Tessa!) While I loved Bowen, Conner and Sera – I disliked Austin and Polly. And please, do not even get me started on Erin. The stories, in my opinion, were good, but not great – and I rank myself among the world’s top Tessa Bailey fans. 😉

But deep down I knew, I. JUST. KNEW. – that Henrik was going to be THE ONE. He was going to save the entire series for me. I kept telling my blog partner this. She felt the same about the series as I did. She was ready to throw in the towel. I begged her to wait for Henrik. He will fix it, I told her. Hes THE MAN! And… one magical day, I got the email. My ARC was ready. There he was on my kindle – in all of his Brazen sepia toned glory. Henrik Vance, Raw Redemption – the final Hallelujah of the Crossing the Line series. All mine. And away we go…..

Characters: Henrik Vance – quite possible the dirtiest of all hot dirty talkers ive ever encountered. I never wanted this book to end just because of the way he talked to Ailish. Ive always been an enormous fan of Tessa’s dirty talkers (im looking at you Brent and Matt) but Henrik just tipped the scales in his favor. And he’s rough. The way he handles Ailish – hes apologetic for it, but he just cant help himself. I loved that about him. He needed her so much, he just had to manhandle her. YEAH BABY. *shivers*
Ailish O’Kelly – her father is a violent criminal mafia king and shes grown up under his thumb. The only man who has ever been willing to get her out is the one she wants more than life itself. But Henrik Vance is so sketchy with the details of his plan that Ailish is not sure if she can trust him or not. Shes never been able to trust anyone so why should she start with him?

Story/Summary – While I loved the characters very much, this story – much like the previous 3 in the Crossing the Line series – just didnt hold my attention. It was simply too fast paced. Granted, this one seemed to have a little better flow for me than the others did but I think it was because I was so in love with the characters. Im a slow reader at best and it was just a little hard for me to keep up at times.

I give Raw Redemption 4**** WickedGoodStars and say a fond Adieu to this series from the lovely and uber talented Tessa Bailey!

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