*Review* Never Sweeter by Charlotte Stein




Letty Carmichael can’t believe her eyes when she catches a glimpse of her high school tormenter, wrestling champ Tate Sullivan, on campus. College was supposed to be her escape from Tate’s constant ridicule. Now he’s in her classes again, just waiting for his chance to make her life hell. But when Letty and Tate are partnered up for an assignment—on sex in cinema, of all things—she starts to see a kinder, gentler side of him. And when she realizes Tate knows more about sex than she could ever guess at, he soon starts making her blush in a whole new way.

Tate Sullivan is haunted by regret over his cruelty toward Letty. So when she agrees to work with him, he seizes his chance to make amends. He can’t blame her for not believing he’s for real, but soon Tate starts to break down her wall. She wants to know about passion, desire, lust—topics he is well versed in. And in return she offers the one thing he always wanted: the chance to be more than just a jock.

Letty is shocked by how sensitive Tate can be. Still, desiring him feels ludicrous. Loving him is impossible. Craving him is beyond all reason. So why can’t she stop?


My Review

If my review could simply be what my heart and head are feeling right now, like if you could SEE me right now after having literally just finished this book….

My god, this book.

Every so often I see a book by someone who I have never heard of, and author I have never read anything about. I see a book that looks good, so I take a chance, because, that’s what it’s all about-taking chances.

When I get these emails from Loveswept or another publisher about upcoming releases, I should know now that they will never, ever steer me wrong. I found Molly O’Keefe that way….and now I have found Charlotte Stein.

I am way behind on my ARC’s, so I am taking some time to dig in…yesterday I started Never Sweeter…today I finished it. I should have been working but I literally….was consumed by this story. In the beginning, I would have given anything to have some Tate POV, but as the story progressed….it wasn’t needed.

So here goes my review. And lord, I hate it if I give any spoilers, I will try not to, but I have to explain my feelings. Which may come out all jumbled and make no sense….

At its core, this is a second chance romance. And I LOVE second chance romances. However, this is not your typical guy/girl dated before, broke up, years later are back together with flowers and love and all that. No. This is harder. This story starts out painful, it makes you hurt. My heart ached. Tears fell. I gasped. I lost sleep because I kept reading and reading.

This is the story of a young girl, tormented by a set of bullies who, in an act that made me cry, absolutely destroyed her. Almost killed her.

Always, in the back of mind, I thought….no, Tate never hated her….he liked her, but he was a stupid kid…..a stupid boy who had NO idea how to process things. Expectations where there for him to BE a certain way, and he acted that way because he didn’t know any better. I mean aren’t we all told that old “oh he just likes you that’s why he acts like that”??

But in the back of his mind, he DID know better. But foolish pride and all that….

Letty is a beat down version of who she truly could be, thanks to what she has endured. She trusts no one. She’s leery of everything and everyone. Always on guard. And when Tate showed back up in her life, hell, even I didn’t trust it. I didn’t know who he was and had been at that point and I was skeptical. I wanted to warn her to stay away from him because once a bully…..

But Tate had a plan, a mission, to atone for all of his actions in the past. He wanted her to believe she was beautiful, because to him, she was and always had been. She was everything he ever wanted and everything he wished he could be. To him, she was it….and my god, the utter pain, agony, angst, love, hate, passion between these two.

Charlotte Stein has written what is quite possibly, one of my favorite reads this year. I absolutely loved this book. Like I more than loved this book. If I could, I would give this book a million stars. And I can’t wait to go back and read more of her work.


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