*Review* Confessions by L. M. Mountford

ConfessionsConfessions by L.M. Mountford
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This is how im starting my review and how I feel the description of the book should have started also. On one hand, this book is INSANELY hot. The sexy times are off the chain. There really is nothing you could ask for that is not included in this book. Anything from straight up M/F vanilla (somewhat vanilla anyway) sex to out right gang-bang style multiple partners at once. Straight, gay, menage, multiple, partner switch, forced… its all included within the pages of this book. Which brings me to the issue I had. While I love good sexy times, and I probably love them more than most – I need a good solid story to go along with it. Confessions had a storyline, and it was ok – it was good. It was interesting and well written. It just wasnt (my opinion only) strong enough to go along with ALLLL the sex that was happening in the rest of the book.
The story itself flirted with the edge of taboo – with Mark and Mina being ‘stepsiblings’. I liked that alot. Taboo usually gets my attention quicker than most other things. Throw in 3 people on the cover indicating either a triangle or menage and YES, PLEASE.
I was thrilled to be asked to read and review this book. I am so pleased when I find solid male authors in the romance/erotica genre. They are few and far between and you can bet I will be looking for more from L.M. Mountford.

3.5*** WickedGoodStars for Confessions by L. M. Mountford

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