*Review* Let The Waves Crash In by JL Leslie

Let The Waves Come InLet The Waves Come In by J.L. Leslie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*This book was received as an ARC by invitation of the author in exchange for an honest review*

Let The Waves Come In is the first book I have read by JL Leslie and to be honest up until this point I hadnt heard of her. I love discovering brand new to me authors so I was very excited to be contacted about this book. I went into it blind, reading no reviews or information ahead of time so the story could speak for itself.

Characters – the story centers around three characters really, at least in my mind – instead of the usual two. Theres Aubrey, her best friend Drew, and Drew’s brother Declan. The love story part of the story also includes another person – Chandler. I know this seems a bit much to keep up with, but once you start reading, it all flows quite nicely together.

Story – Aubrey and Drew have been friends since they were kids. Declan is the older brother that Aubrey crushed on and lost her virginity to (and her pride at the same time, poor girl). Fast forward to adulthood, Aubrey and Declan end up roommates who turn into much more. Like I mentioned before, there are some OM/OW issues and the Chandler guy that pops into the story line but all in all I felt that the author handled that part of the story a lot better than some I have read. I get kind of squicked out at “love triangle” situations and cheater scenarios but I will say this book from the blurb to the end was open and honest about the fact that there was always going to be more than the two people involved in the plot line so I definitely knew the route the story was going to go in. And again, I think the author did a really great job of handling that part of the story.
The characters were well developed and the story flowed at a good pace. Once I got everyone settled in my head it was a nice fast read.
I give Let The Waves Come In 4**** WickedGoodStars and appreciate the opportunity to read/review this book!

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