**Review** The Road in Between by Nicole Simone

The Road in Between by Nicole Simone

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Laurence was it – the end of the line – my prince in a sea of frogs. When he proposed, I slipped the dazzling diamond on my ring finger without hesitation. Little did I know our vows, in sickness and in health, would be tested before our marriage had even begun, shattering the future we painted so brightly.
A year later, single and forging a new life in San Francisco, the past was unshakable. As was the love I had for the man who captured my heart at first glance.
An unattainable fantasy, Laurence haunted my dreams and taunted me with the reality of what could have been. If I wasn’t damaged goods, if I was able to have kids, if if if….one thousand and one ifs.
What is there to say? Mia was my everything and when she left, I was destroyed. Work became my focus, my reason for getting out of bed each morning and my drive to continue. Slowly, as the days blurred together the pain she caused dulled to a low ache. One phone call though changed everything and the past collided with the present.
As the true reason behind our breakup comes to light, will I be able to convince Mia that I don’t need a hallmark card?
I simply need her.

My Review 

I absolutely love a good second chance romance. I especially love one where for the most part, the return to each other is not filled with heartache, angst, and pain.

Mia and Laurence were together for several years, planning their lives-which for them, included having a family. Both wanted children. Unfortunately, Mia learned that she was unable to have children of her own. She struggled with this, and although Laurence stood by her because he loved her, she always thought he would be better off without her so he could at least have his dream family. Little did she know that his dream, was always her-no matter how she came. However, before their wedding she overhears him tell his mother she is “damaged”, so she becomes a runaway bride.

Circumstances and fate bring these two back together again one year later. Of course, Laurence is hurt so initially he is not the nicest of people to our Mia. But in his defense, she never really gave him an explanation. He was forced to live a life without her, forced to move on. Mia has basically never gotten over him. Now, there is a child in their lives placed their by fate. Can these two learn to get along for the sake of the child? Will these two find love again? The fact that they never stopped loving each other makes it very easy for them to return to each other. And I loved the coming back. It was sweet, sexy, and everything I wanted from these two.

About Nicole Simone

Hi! My name is Nicole Simone. During the day, I do a handful of different jobs that center around food but at night, I write character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush.

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