*Release Day Review* Solid Stone: Odyssey by E. G. Patrick

Solid Stone: Odyssey (Solid Stone #2)Solid Stone: Odyssey by E.G. Patrick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Solid Stone: Odyssey is the second book in the Solid Stone series and… Holy mother of all cliffhangers!! Now granted, it has been several months since I have read Solid Stone: Revolving Door (book 1). But I do remember the overall theme of the book. It follows the characters of Adam Stone and Violet Cole (aka Gia) as they begin a relationship together. Odyssey picks up where Revolving Door left off – Violet is now living with Adam and they are in the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship… where the love is evident, the sex is plentiful and everything is peachy keen… until its not.
What I loved about the story – the characters. I said it about Revolving Door and I will say it about Odyssey.. I LOVE the fact that E.G. Patrick can write such deep, three dimensional characters. I fell in love with both Adam and Violet in the first book but in this book I truly struggled a bit with Adam’s character. Without giving up any spoilers, I just felt he had some real issues with control. But at the same time it was evident how much love and respect he had for Violet. Speaking of Violet – she was a bit of an enigma. Self assured, strong, sassy Violet? Or submissive Gia? Arrrgh… the characters that E.G. Patrick can write!
What I didnt like – the only thing that really came to mind as I was reading this story that bothered me a bit was it all seemed to flow a bit slowly. Like it took a little while for the bird to get off the ground. Once everything got going, the storyline picked up and carried through to the end without any issues though. I want to prepare you now… This one ends in yet another CLIFFHANGER. Consider yourself warned. Book three is on the horizon though – so do not despair. πŸ™‚
4**** very solid WickedGoodStars for Solid Stone: Odyssey by E.G. Patrick – and I patiently wait for book three. (tick tock) πŸ™‚

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