*Review* Body Heat by Madeline Parr

Body Heat (Body Heat, #1)Body Heat by Madeline Parr

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Body Heat was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Lemme just start by saying – its a book about a sex club, and its a book about sex. Does it have a plot? YES. Is it all deep and angsty? NO. Is there a whole lot to the book other than sex? NOT REALLY. But sometimes… *looks around guiltily* I dont want to read a deep, meaningful book where I have to concentrate and figure things out and where angst goes on for pages and pages or I cry and characters I get emotionally attached to die. Sometimes I just want to read a good smutty story with a light plot, well developed characters and lots of hot sexiness. BOOM – may I recommend Body Heat?
The author did, in my opinion, a wonderful job developing her two main characters – Max the former combat veteran millionaire and Ivy – who is terribly scarred from a bad relationship and thinks all she wants from men is sex. The two of them meet up at Body Heat – the club, and this is where the story really takes off. Like I said in the beginning of the review.. it was exactly what I needed. Not a long, drawn out, angst riddled novel. (Although sometimes those are nice.) Body Heat was just the right length, perfect heat level-SCORCHING and that ending… *SWOON*.
5***** WickedGoodStars!

*ARC received from Xpresso book tours in exchange for an honest review*


Body Heat by Madeline Parr
Publication date: May 17th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Step inside Body Heat, the premier adult playground for the rich and famous, where the sex is as hot as a house on fire and anything can—and does—happen. . .

Ivy’s marriage went seriously sideways three years ago and she still hasn’t recovered. She’s done with men, except when it comes to sex. God knows she still needs that. As long as it’s on her terms and according to her rules: no sleepovers, no giving up control, and no falling in love. She walks into Body Heat determined to score some smoking hot, no-strings-attached fun.

Ex-serviceman Max shows up the same night with his warm smile, broad shoulders, and bucket list of dirty fantasies. The well-mannered and well-moneyed owner of a private security firm is just as damaged as Ivy. The adrenaline junkie has discovered a certain measure of peace when he’s skydiving, rock climbing, or free diving, and his visit to Body Heat is just one more attempt to quiet the chaos in his head.

Their scorching encounters soothe their troubled souls. Ivy’s razor-sharp boundaries start to crumble, and Max is startled by the emotional connection that develops between them. Will their fledgling romantic relationship survive when demons from the past resurface?



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