*Review* Something to Believe In by Ella Fox

Something to Believe In (Renegade Saints, #4)Something to Believe In by Ella Fox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Im not usually one to enjoy an emotional read. And I knew, I JUST KNEW that Daisy and Tyson’s story was going to make me cry. I was ready – or so I thought. SO. I. THOUGHT. I was wrong, so very wrong. Ella Fox pulled out all the stops with Something To Believe In, the last in the Renegade Saints series. Tyson the bad@ss rock star meets Daisy the sweet, yet feisty girl who is just trying to make it on the rock scene. They both have terrible amounts of baggage and Tyson appears to be giving in to his demons until Daisy comes along. And once the show gets started and the fireworks start, holy mother of lava, its INTENSE! Tyson is a dirty bird and Daisy gives as good as she gets. From laughing and crying to face sucking, panty melting sexy times – this book has EVERYTHING and Ella Fox definitely wrapped up this series right!
4**** WickedGoodStars for Something To Believe In!

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