*Review* This Isn’t Me by T.A. McKay





Nathan Cooper thought he had everything in life worked out; his own company, a great best friend, and all the women he could want.

That is until one night his whole outlook changed. One misunderstanding, a man instead of a woman, and just like that he was looking at guys like he never had before.

A guy he shouldn’t look at is Grey, the only problem with that is he can’t seem to stop the attraction he has to him. He doesn’t want Grey… except he does.

Greyson Green doesn’t have time for the kind of games that Nathan wants to play. He is already too close to breaking with the pressure of life. Work is stressful, and now his best friend has moved out to be with the man he loves, leaving Grey alone and unhappy. Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, he’s proved wrong when circumstances throw him into close quarters with the last person in the world he wants to be near.

Sometimes you don’t realize that what you need is the person you don’t like, a connection growing even when you try so hard to stop it. What happens when that connection is threatened, forcing you to face exactly what that person means to you? What happens when you’re faced with losing it all?

Grey is going to have to make the biggest decision of his life. Does he turn away from the one thing that could destroy him, or does he chase the guy who could be everything? The guy who spends all his time trying to convince him…

This Isn’t Me.


My Review

This was actually my very first T. A McKay book (hides head in shame) and I have to say….I quite enjoyed it.

This Isn’t Me is about Nathan and Grey. Let’s talk about Nathan first, shall we? Nathan is one cocky man. In the last year, he has come to terms with the fact that…along with being attracted to women, he is also attracted to men. Has he really acted on it, no. But then there’s Grey. Nathan and Grey’s bff’s are in a relationship, so these two are going to be around each other. And, there’s definitely some serious attraction between these two. Along with some friendly nagging. Of course, Grey is like this….I don’t know how to describe it…sweet, innocent little boy and I just wanted to hug him. In the beginning, I did not think Nathan could or would do right by him. And, he almost didn’t. He almost screwed up. And poor Grey-it nearly broke him. And there I was just wanting to hug him some more 😦

And without giving away too much here, let’s just say this is a book with an HEA. But the story to that HEA is a must read in my opinion. I like T.A McKay and I was lucky enough to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Her writing was pretty flawless, and I was so engrossed in the story that if there were any editing issues, I really didn’t see them. These character’s were well developed, and she made me feel. And in my opinion, an author who gives me the feels is a pretty damn good author. She’s going to be one of my one click read’s from now on, that’s for sure 😉


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