*Release Day Review* Edge by Cora Brent

Edge (Gentry Boys, #7)Edge by Cora Brent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Conway Gentry is the 6th of the Gentry boys I have been introduced to since I started this series back in 2014 with Draw (Cord). Im a big fan of Cora Brent’s work and a huge follower of this series. HUGE. That being said, I really and truly enjoyed Edge, I just didnt get as entrenched in it as I did some of the other books in the series. The main characters Conway and Roslyn – each had their own unique back story, were well developed and easy to get acquainted with. This particular book just had a much lighter feel to it than the others have. There was one spot that was angsty but even that was short lived and relatively pain free whereas I felt it could have been developed a lot more as I had a lot of questions regarding the situation and needed some closure. 😦
Maybe if the book had been longer it could have gone into a lot more details and felt more real to me – i dont really know, im certainly not an author- but to me Edge just felt like a really light version of a Cora Brent book. It had a great story line and I loved getting to finally see Conway and Roslyn’s story unfold, even if it left me feeling a little slighted and wanting more. I did love the ending. 🙂
Edge gets 3.5*** WickedGoodStars and I truly hope there are more Gentry stories on the horizon!

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