*Release Day Review* Ravenous by M.S. Force

Ravenous (Quantum, #5)Ravenous by M.S. Force

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ravenous, while being the 5th book in the Quantum series, is actually the first one of these books that I have read. While im being honest here *looks around in shame* Ravenous is actually the first Marie Force/M.S. Force book I have EVER read. Shhhh…. lets keep that between us, shall we? Im probably being kicked out of numerous reader groups as we speak right now and having my library card revoked. I really wasnt sure what to expect out of Ravenous either but from reading the blurb I deduced that it was going to be erotica mixed with BDSM so yeah… count me in!
The main characters Ellie is well off, quite famous and known around Hollywood. She has a loving family but the one thing she wants is a baby of her own. With her biological clock ticking ever louder in the background, her brother’s buddy Jasper makes her an offer she cant really refuse. Hot, sexy, British accent Jasper is going to give her a baby – on his own terms. But its going to be made the old fashion, fun way. (heehee)
I know that Ravenous can be read as a stand alone but I wish I had read the previous books in the series prior to reading it just so I could have had the backstory that went along with the other characters. M.S. Force did a wonderful job of blending the BDSM elements right along in with the romance of the story and showing the two characters fall in love. I can honestly see why as an author she has such a huge following. The depth of both Ellie and Jasper’s characters as well as the flow of the story itself made a big impression on me and earned Marie Force another new fan!

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