*Netgalley Review* Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby #2) by Amy Andrews

Playing It Cool (Sydney Smoke Rugby, #2)Playing It Cool by Amy Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So Ms. Andrews… where exactly can a curvy girl find herself a ‘non-fiction’ version of Dexter Blake? I have a feeling that if a man like that existed in the real world, he would have to go into hiding. Women would flock to him like preteens at a Bieber concert.
I really liked this story. It was a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the bombshell, tight body, super tiny girls ive been reading about lately. Harper Nugent is tall – 6′ without the obligatory heels. And shes super curvy. In all the right places, if you ask Dexter Blake who cant stop appreciating them.
He’s a rugby star who is NOT looking for a relationship, at least not a real one. And Harper is definitely the kind of girl you have a relationship with. Dexter worked himself out of poverty with his skills on the rugby field and Harper is constantly hounded by her step family about her body size. These are the main drama issues in the book. What I loved the most is the fact that Dexter absolutely adored (and let it be known that he did) Harper’s body. All women are sensitive about something and for a man to praise them like this means a lot, especially when they are being cut down by members of their own family – step or not. The banter they displayed with each other, their geeky wit and also the comfort that Harper had within herself to embrace her ‘inner nerd’ kept me laughing. Very good read!!

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