*Review* Pour Your Heart Out by Zoe Lee

Pour Your Heart OutPour Your Heart Out by Zoe Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pour Your Heart Out was a wonderful debut for Zoe Lee!
Generally speaking, my library is filled with reads of more sex than substance but once in a while a book like Pour Your Heart Out comes along, grabs me by the throat and hangs on tight. It was a beautifully written, highly descriptive love story that developed slowly over the pages – there was no sense of rush. I liken it to making yeast bread. If you can just be patient for it to rise and work its magic… ohhhh… its so worth the wait. That is exactly how Chase and Aden’s story felt to me. Like a slow burn, a slow rising up, if you will, of the chemistry between these two characters. Chase the freebird and Aden the anchor. The fact that the author actually took the time to sweat out and develop these characters as well as she did (plus the secondary characters – im looking at you Dunk) really added to the depth of the story for me. Also the backdrop and scenery of the town of Maybelle was a great setting for the book.
I highly recommend Pour Your Heart Out to anyone looking for a slow, sweet love story that will stay with you after you have finished the book! Zoe Lee has created some memorable characters and I hope she continues on with this series.

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