*Review* Manhattan Millionaire by Jennifer Ann

Manhattan MillionaireManhattan Millionaire by Jennifer Ann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ stars!!
Jennifer Ann just keeps improving on this series which I wasnt even sure was possible – WOOHOO!!
I guess I am one of the lucky few, it seems, to have read Brooklyn Rockstar and Midwest Fighter so this entire story made perfect sense to me. I have been waiting for Sofia to get her story and I knew this was it so I was all caught up and ready to roll.
Nolan and Sofia (the main characters) had met before and had insta-chemistry but no room or time to act on a relationship. Fast forward a few years and Sofia’s job transfers her to Manhattan where Nolan runs his bar. She goes into the bar… and WHAM! Let the angsty, super hot, sexy times begin!
Jennifer Ann is one author who can somehow maintain a smooth balance of anger, gritty emotional angst, humor, and wicked hot naughtiness all within the same book. She made me feel all the feels with Manhattan Millionaire. I loved the complexity of the characters of Nolan and Sofia. The cameos of the characters from the previous books. The story line was well thought out and perfectly paced. I know eventually JA will run out of characters for this series but that will be a sad day for me.
Manhattan Millionaire can be read as a stand alone book but I DO NOT recommend it. Please read Brooklyn Rockstar and Midwest Fighter before reading this. I promise you will NOT regret it. (because… Charlie Walker <3)

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