*Review* Tommy Boy by Sloane Howell

Tommy Boy: A Panty Whisperer PrequelTommy Boy: A Panty Whisperer Prequel by Sloane Howell

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Tommy Boy is probably Sloane Howell’s best work to date, in my opinion. I mean this… this is some good stuff right here. Good, good stuff.
If you have read Panty Whisperer you will be familiar with Tommy – he is Joel’s best friend. This is his story and its amazing. (I know I said that before, but it bears repeating.) Its set in the 90s and with the references to elusive wifi and ethernet cables it had me laughing from the first pages forward. In true Sloane Howell fashion it was funny and sexy with just enough OTT brash vulgarity to show his signature. And then the bomb was dropped. And ohhhhh my gahd. WTF. No Spoilers but WHOA. Just whoa. Get the book and be whoa’ed for yourself.
A great short story that you will remember long after you finish it. I am definitely recommending Tommy Boy!
4.5**** WickedGoodStars
Thank you Sloane Howell!

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