**Review** Borrowing Blue by Lucy Lennox



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When my ex walks into the resort bar with his new husband on his arm, I want nothing more than to prove to him that I’ve moved on. Thankfully, the sexy stranger sitting next to me is more than willing to share a few kisses in the name of revenge. It gets even better when those scorching kisses turn into a night of fiery passion.

The only problem? Turns out the stranger’s brother is marrying my sister later this week.


I have one rule: no messing with the guests at my vineyard resort. Of course the one exception I make turns out to be the brother of the woman my brother’s about to marry. Now we’re stuck together for a week of wedding activities, and there’s no avoiding the heat burning between us.

So fine, we make a deal: one week. One week to enjoy each other’s bodies and get it out of our system. Once the bride and groom say I do and we become family, it’ll all be over between us. Right?

My Review


Borrowing Blue is perhaps one of my favorite reads of 2016!

First, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this was the VERY first book by this author. VERY FIRST people! This story was SO well written, I just couldn’t believe it!

I honestly don’t want to give too much away. But this is a story about Blue and Tristan. Two guys who meet at a bar and are far more connected than they ever could have known. They are attracted to each other, they are drawn to each other emotionally, intellectually and sexually. I absolutely loved these two together and literally could NOT put this book down. The story flowed so well, and moved at a pace that kept you interested the entire time. Tristan and Blue were just so perfect for each other! And it’s a series meaning I will get more from this author and more from this crazy Marian family!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!


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