*ARC Review* Love in the Aftermath by Dara Nelson






Kyle thought that his story would be about death. About love and loss. About tender moments and utter devastation. About the one great love of his life and his total heartbreaking loss.
Jason was it for him – his once in a lifetime love. He was beautiful and perfect and he loved Kyle so completely and then he was gone. But you only get that kind of love once.
At least that’s what Kyle thought.
He was wrong.
Yes, his was a story about great love gained and lost.
But, much to his surprise, his turned out to also be a story of letting go, of breaking down walls, of learning to love and BE loved again.
Because of Mark.
A story of how the patience, guidance, support and love of one man could bring Kyle back from the brink of letting go and into the arms of happiness once again.
So, yes, this is a story about death.
But it’s also a story about learning to live and love again.
Sometimes happily ever after comes twice in a lifetime….

**This book is approximately 75,000 words long and approximately 345 pages.
This is an adult M/M romance with male/male sex. It has HEA (happily ever after) for the main characters in this book but introduces new characters that will be further explored in future books that some may consider that a cliffhanger.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another first time author for me, and I have to say I was completely impressed with this story.
Kyle and Mark were so beautifully written and the story was so heartbreaking yet heartwarming.

Mark and Kyle meet at a time in Kyle’s life when he is quite possibly, at his lowest since loosing the love of his life. He never thought there would be another for him, having been with his husband of so long. They experiences so many firsts together, and his loss has devastated Kyle completely.

Mark see’s a broken man, but he’s willing to wait for Kyle to love him. But will Kyle ever love him? Will he ever open up to him the way that Mark is wearing for? Sure they can have a physical relationship, but Kyle still keep’s Mark at arm’s length…afraid to let him in, afraid of what that will mean about his love for his husband.

This story was, as I stated already…heartbreaking. Many times I wanted to slap some sense into Kyle and my heart broke for Mark. But it broke for Kyle too. I wanted so desperately for these two men to come together, let go of their past’s and let the other in, completely. It takes time, but eventually these two men do get their HEA. The ride is brought at times, but the wait was so worth it. A definite must read and I cannot wait for more in this series.


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