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Hello fellow bookies and thanks for visiting our blog! This website is the brainchild/baby of myself and my best friend and fellow reading freak – Amanda. We are each others opposites. She is the Apple, I am the Android. Between us we have 1 husband, 3 daughters, 1 son, and 5 cats. We also work together so it only seemed natural that our friendship would evolve into something like WickedGoodReads.

Personally, my children and I live in a quiet subdivision where we recently moved from the country and are learning daily to not bother the neighbors with our outdoor antics.  By day I work for the government and by night I am a mother/blogger.  Im not a TV watcher but I will tune in for the occasional hockey game (Go Devils!) or if the Cavaliers are playing at home.  If I have any free time during the day, in the evening, in the middle of the night, in the bathtub…etc. I am reading. My personal preferences are romance and erotica. Occasionally I will read a murder mystery or some non fiction (personal finance) but usually I enjoy stories that involve bikers, tattoos, cowboys and just sexy time in general. 🙂

Please follow our blog and let us know what you think! We are active on Facebook at so like us there. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Also, our twitter is @wickedgoodblog so follow us there too!

Thanks for visiting!



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